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Car insurance premiums continue to increase from year to year and the need to shop around for the best price is greater than ever. Just by comparing a few insurers, you should save yourself money. Additionally, buying your insurance online can bring you added savings.

Before comparing car insurance quotes and locating the best deal for you, it is important to be prepared.

Firstly, work out a realistic value for your car, as insurers will only pay the market value if the car is stolen or written off. If you state an over-optimistic assessment for the vehicle, you might pay higher premiums than required.

The higher the mileage, the more costly the car insurance premiums. You should be sensible about who will drive the vehicle. Rather than unnecessarily opting for an "any driver" policy, restrict cover to named drivers only will cut insurance costs considerably.

It is also vital to consider where the vehicle will be parked. Parking your vehicle on the roadside will mean more expensive premiums than parking the vehicle in a garage.

When you're comparing quotes confirm the small print to see whether a courtesy car is provided if your vehicle is off the road, whether you are covered for loss of keys and if any repair work is guaranteed.

For the majority of drivers, a fully comprehensive insurance policy offers the best solution, as it covers you against any damage caused both to your own and to any other vehicle involved in an accident. But if you are driving a cheap old banger, it may not be worth insuring for the repair of your own vehicle, so a third party, fire and theft option might be the best value choice.

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