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Personal Accident, Sickness and Injury Insurance

If you are self-employed or do not receive sickness benefit from your employer, you ought to make your own personal accident insurance provisions - for you and the sake of your family. We have a range of products to suit your requirements and access to a panel of leading insurance products.

Typical sections of cover are:

Compensation payable in respect of accident

  1. Death
  2. Permanent total loss of sight of one or both eyes
  3. Loss of one or more limbs
  4. Permanent total loss of speech
  5. Permanent total loss of hearing in one or both ears
  6. Permanent total disablement (other than loss of sight, limb, speech or hearing)
  7. Temporary total disablement
  8. Temporary partial disablement

Compensation payable in respect of illness

  1. Permanent total loss of sight of both eyes
  2. Permanent total disablement by paralysis
  3. Temporary total disablement

Medical expenses

Medical expenses incurred in respect of items 7, 8, or 11 will be paid in addition by the underwriters up to but not exceeding 15% of any claim admitted under such item.

However, if in respect of such medical expenses the assured or an insured person shall recover any payment under any other iunsurance, the underwriters shall only be liable for the difference between such recovery and the total cost of medical expenses incurred, not exceeding 15% of the claim admited under items 7, 8 or 11.

A deferment period will apply and this will vary according to your occupation.

Insurers ask for details of your medical history and any special or hazardous pursuits. These are not necessarily a bar to cover and each application is treated on its merits.

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Other Key Features and Restrictions

Physical contact sports or hazardous activities - these are more likely to lead to accidents so insurers may quote additional costs for these activities - they need to know what it is you do.

Limit on cover - Normally insurers will not offer cover for more than your net earned income. This is because the insurance is designed to replace income lost as the result of injury or illness.

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