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Scrap Metal Insurance

Dealing in scrap metal? Need insurance cover for vans, tippers and other equipment?

We offer very competitive rates for scrapyards and scrap metal insurance.

Facts you need to know:

  1. You must register with your council
  2. You must keep financial records of your transactions
  3. You must have the correct insurance

The police are extremely vigilant in most areas of the country in their campaign to disrupt illegal activity relating to the scrap metal industry. Vehicles are regularly impounded at considerable expense until the owner can provide evidence of correct insurance.

For a competitive quotation, telephone FREE 0800 594 4800 .

Additional insurance cover is available for:

  • Skip hire companies
  • Scrapyards
  • Scrap metal breakers
  • Salvagers
  • Waste disposal contractors

(Check out our tips if you are starting a scrap metal business.)

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